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Web services in Bend Oregon

What is broadband internet?

Basically it is another term used to mean high-speed internet service. For the mostpart, it represents access speeds much faster than dial-up. More info.


Central Oregon is a very unique area for internet service.  The contrast of rural county areas that have little in the way of services, with the relatively densely populated cities of Bend and Redmond which have great access but few actual choices for the consumer.  That being said...

Here is a list of ISP options for Central Oregon:


DSL stands for Dedicated Service Line.  Using the telephone lines as a carrier, DSL is a great choice for those who want unlimited usage to the internet (yes, other providers typically have monthly usage caps and overages!).  

In Central Oregon, DSL service is provided by only a couple different companies.

  • CenturyLink (**SPECIAL DEAL HERE**) - (Residential and Business) A large national provider. Fast download speeds in most areas of the city.  Reliable network and unlimited data.
  • BendTel - (Business Only) Provides DSL over copper in downtown Bend area, but are soon expanding to a faster fiber-based network.


Cable internet offers excellent speeds, but be careful of extra fees imposed by monthly limits! Cable service also can be bundled with television and telephone.

  • Bend Broadband - (Residential and Business) The "Local Dog" of Central Oregon, though is actually a wholly owned subsidiary of TDS Telecom out of Chicago, IL.

4G Wireless Internet Service

Enjoy the freedom and mobility to connect wirelessly throughout Central Oregon and Nationwide. Perfect for travelers users always on the go.

  • T-Mobile - Unlimited Tablet or WiFi Hotspot data plans –  Choose the amount of 4G LTE data you want in your plan.  If you exceed your monthly usage, you are simply scaled to a slower network.  All plans include no domestic overages, no annual service contracts, and unlimited music streaming that doesn't count against your 4G LTE data on services like Pandora, iHeartRadio, and more. 

Mobile broadband coverage map for Bend and all of Central Oregon.

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