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Personal Cloud

Your personal PRODUCTIVITY solution is here. Own your data!

Cloud computing made easy!One place for all your data valuables. Access easily from anywhere... any device.

Store images safely

A great location to store and browse images, mp3's, videos, and other media files.

Keep notesFor all your "Ahh haah" moments and such... Keep notes handy, no matter where you are.


Make all your appointments on time with the Calendar. Sync it to your computer, smartphone, or other device.

Share information

Share files and collaborate with others. Host files and media and share on social networks.

Email Access

Check email from anywhere with this powerful webmail app. Manage multiple identities from one location.

Cell Phone Access

Access your data from Android or iPhone devices. Take a photo on your phone and automatically upload it to your cloud.

Data backups

Important data gets backed up safely. Sync in real-time or on a schedule. We help configure backups specifically for your needs.

File Sync

Never lose your work. Keep files synchronized across multiple devices or access from any web browser.

So What Exactly Is This Cloud Stuff?

What is Cloud Computing?"The Cloud"... sounds so mysterious. It is simply a term used to refer to Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing is the use of remote web servers to access software, services, and even applications remotely -- instead of residing on a local hard drive. This is made possible due to modern advances  in internet connectivity, encryption, and software technologies. Together these things provide a convenient environment for productivity.

What is a private cloud?A Personal Cloud is an enterprise-class architecture utilizing the cloud to provide internal-only access to various services from one central application. The services are accessed from a variety of devices from anywhere in the world, and offer a continuous experience thanks to synchronization technologies.



Cloud securityCloud security

And, oh yeah, did we mention security? BIS Private Cloud uses encryption to handle everything.

  • All data stored on the server is encrypted using 4096-bit strong key-pairs.
  • Additionally, all data sent to and from the server is encrypted using TLS (Transport Layer Security).
  • Other methods include Server Firewall, Brute-force Prevention, Anti-virus, and Intrusion Detection.

This all means you have an environment with advantage over services like DropBox and OneDrive.




Enterprise Cloud

Take your business productivity to the next level

Multiple users and groups

Designed for collaboration of multiple users. Different users can be assigned unique permissions and can be assigned to groups as well.

cloud for business

Enterprise Cloud enables your organization to function as a team -- empowering both the individual and the group.